Manton's Follow-Up on Sandboxing

Manton Reece, on sandboxing for Mac apps:

I'll admit I have some regret leaving the Mac App Store. It's just so convenient for purchasing and installation. If I'm going to make this work, I'll have to redesign my own rather clunky purchase and activation experience. And I'll have to do a much better job of marketing, something that has not been easy with Clipstart.

I don't envy anyone who's facing this problem. I feel like Apple needs to rethink what they're trying to do with Sandboxing; giving developers more time is not the answer. The problem is that to many useful apps just aren't going to work with sandboxing, and others are going to need to compromise their users experience in order to accommodate it. I think of Apple has a company who puts the experience of their users first. Forcing apps to fit into a mold this restrictive is forcing them to implement work arounds for things that were never a design problem to begin with, or be left out of the biggest venue to get their app in front of the majority of users.

Collin Donnell @collin