Building a Desk

The past couple of weeks I've been considering the possibility of buying a new desk. The problem I've had is that while there's some that I love the look of, they all come about 29" high, which is really not ideal for typing. The ideal position when is to have your elbows at at least a 90° angle and your feet flat on the ground. Maybe someone a few inches taller (I'm 5'8) wouldn't have this problem, but for me I either have to get a chair which puts me so high off the ground my feet dangle, put my keyboard on a tray or get a shorter desk. Up until now I've been using a laptop table under the desk as a keyboard stand, but it gets in the way of my feet and I'm sick of it. Since I can't find a desk that I'm in love with which also is at the right height, I'm building my own.

The idea — which I found on a blog — is to use hairpin legs with any piece of wood you like. I ordered the legs in the 24" height, which when paired with a 1" top will lower my desk height by around 4". It doesn't sound too hard to do, and the result will hopefully be a gorgeous looking desk at exactly the right height for about $150. If my monitor sits too low I can always build a little table top stand for it the same way using 2" legs or so.

Collin Donnell @collin