A Chair About Running Glassboard

I spend a potentially unhealthy amount of time thinking about and tweaking things like how I have OmniFocus set up, how I manage notes, Automator services to prefix timestamps to file names and what text editor I should use. Unfortunately, I have no one to share these “tips and tricks” with most of the time other than a one year old wiener dog who seems less than interested. From the blogs I read, I’m told that the time I spend thinking of these things is called “productivity”, and that a lot of other people have the same compulsion.

I was thinking it would be cool if there was a slightly less public way for all of the productivity nerds out there to share and discuss ideas than posting publicly on the Internet, so I’ve created a Glassboard for anyone who’s interested. Since the point is for people to share their different workflows, it doesn’t matter if you use OmniFocus, Things, Reminders or napkins[1], so don’t be intimidated to join.

I’ve decided to call it A Chair About Running, and you can join by going to Glassboard and using the invite code lorqq.

  1. Also, Napkins is an awesome name for a notes app. I’m going to need to remember it if I ever make one.  ↩
Collin Donnell @collin