Come See Me Play Music in Portland This Friday

If you haven’t known me for long you might know this about me, but before I ever bought my first book to teach myself how to write software for my Mac, the thing that I’ve always been obsessed with is music. Writing it, performing it (I sing and play guitar, primarily), recording it: the whole thing. While running an app making and consulting business keeps me extremely busy most of the time, over the past couple of months I’ve decided to not let music take a backseat and to start performing and recording a lot more.

This Friday (August 31st, 2012), I’ll be performing my first show at The Waypost in Portland Oregon (NE Fargo and Williams) at 8pm. I’ll be backed up on a few songs by the lovely Spencer Clark[1]. Besides appreciating the support, it’s also a good opportunity to meet local folks I don’t normally get to, since I’m sure there’ll be time after the show to hang out.

  1. If Spencer ends up being in every song, I may switch from “Collin Donnell” to using an actual band name. I may do that anyway, I already have one picked out that I think is pretty good. Also, I might feel like a jerk selling shirts with my name on them.  ↩

Collin Donnell @collin