They Actually Said “Maptastic”


Onavo’s team of data experts set out to compare the data consumed by Apple Maps on iOS 6 to that of the Google-based iOS 5 Maps app. We compared a number of scenarios and investigated how both apps use data over the cellular network. The data we evaluated proved: Apple Maps is up to five times more data efficient than Google Maps.

This means less battery usage, too. I feel pretty lucky to live in a place that's covered well by Apple Maps (as well as having good transit apps available). I'm interested, however, to see how it works when I go to Montreal in two weeks. If usage data is what it takes for mapping services to get better, I really don't have any idea how better Apple could have handled this situation rather than tearing the band-aid off and hoping for the best.

(Via The Loop.)

Collin Donnell @collin