Send Safari Links to Pinboard From LaunchBar

As someone who writes a client for Pinboard, it’s probably not surprising that I use it a lot. The most important aspect to keeping myself adding links to and using Pinboard has been lowering the friction for getting things into and out of it. On iOS, Pinbook has made both of these a lot easier, but on the Mac I still find the process of hitting ⌘+2 in Safari (to activate Pinboard’s bookmarklet) and then typing in the details of the link I want to save a bit cumbersome. And, once again, I’ve written an AppleScript to solve this problem for me.

The script is based on this one by Tim Bueno for sending links from Chrome to Pinboard using Alfred. The code itself has changed from Tim’s script quite a bit, but the way they work is nearly identical:

  1. Bring the script up in LaunchBar (I type β€œSTP”)
  2. Type out a list of tags separated by spaces
  3. Press Option+Return
  4. Get notified in Notification Center when it's finished

The script itself looks like this:

{% gist 4472918 %}

One of the things that’s different in my script is that instead of keeping your password directly in the script, it uses your Pinboard API token. Your token can be gotten by going to Pinboard’s password settings page.

Collin Donnell @collin