Satechi Portable Energy Station Follow-up

Last month, before headed to WWDC I wrote a review of all the different external battery packs I’d used up until that point, and mentioned that I’d gone for a 10,000 MaH brick style one called the Satechi Portable Energy Station on the recommendation of The Wirecutter. Since then I’ve used it at home, at WWDC, and during my current six day trip to San Francisco, and it’s worked great.

I usually have my backpack with me, so if I need to charge, I can just put it with my phone in one of the pockets for 30 minutes and have my phone mostly charged. I’ve used it a few times on this trip, haven’t charged the Energy Station itself, and it’s built in power indicator is reading three fifths full.

If you need to buy one locally, or can’t order the Satechi from Amazon in your country, I’d suspect that any other similar capacity charger will probably be just as good.

Collin Donnell @collin