Short Review of Marked 2

A few days ago Brett Terpstra released a new version of his wonderful Markdown preview app Marked. It’s only available outside of the Mac App Store on its own site, and costs $11.99. The great thing about Marked is that even though it does a lot, you can ignore any features you don’t want easily. If all you want is Markdown preview for when you’re writing Sublime Text or BBEdit, you just have to launch the app and use it that way. If you do decide to explore them though, some of the new features are great.

Two things in Marked 2 are the most useful for me personally. The first is the ability to set up words to highlight which you’d like to avoid or consider alternates for. I can’t think of another time where a writing app has done something that will actively improve my writing, so this feature alone is worth the $11.99. The second feature that I’m going to use a lot is the ability to preview a document that’s being worked on in MarsEdit. The preview window in MarsEdit is fine, but basic. Being able to use Marked when writing in MarsEdit means I won’t miss out on its features if I decide to skip the dance of writing in another app and then copy and pasting my text before publishing.

Cody at MacStories has an in-depth review that’s worth reading if you want to find out about all the new features. You can buy Marked 2 from its own website.

Collin Donnell @collin