The Salon Product Grey Market and Diversion

I saw this article from something my hairdresser (of course) posted, and I learned a few couple of things:

  • Hair products have an expiration date.
  • The salon products that get sold at the grocery store, drug store, Target, etc are not licensed to be sold there, are likely expired, and therefore might not be any good.

It’s pretty much explained in the first couple of paragraphs:

What happens is that the world's least threatening black market underlords (actually, they call it the "gray market") will buy salon products from a legitimate distributor, then set them aside in a warehouse for years until the barcode expires so they can't be tracked. During this time, not only does the barcode expire but so does the product inside, warping from heat or just the cruel sands of time into something that is an ineffective shadow of its former self.
Collin Donnell @collin