My friend Justin Williams has just released his new photo viewing and management app, Photos+. It’s excellent. Photos+ can be used as a true replacement for the built in Photos app, and has the right features for hardcore photography nerds to love it without ever feeling the least bit complicated. In fact, if anything I’d say just getting around feels less complicated than in the system app, because it eschews a bunch of features I almost never use.

The grid view in Photos+ is my new favorite way to view my photos on any platform. Instead of putting each photo into an equally sized and spaced grid of images, thumbnails are scaled proportionally and put nearly right up against each other. This maximizes the number of photos you can see at a time and makes them large enough that you can actually tell what you’re looking at. It’s a better example of iOS 7’s content first strategy than Apple has actually shipped themselves in any of their apps.

You can read Justin’s post about Photos+ on his blog, or just go get it right now for $2.99 on The App Store.

Collin Donnell @collin