Why Can't Everyone Grow Up and Treat Women Like People?

This ad for Infinity Augmented Reality is super creepy and awkward. It plays to someone with the fantasies of a junior high school age boy: put on your smart glasses, hop in your Ferrari, do a little day drinking, hit on a random woman at her job, and then drive to your next appointment. Are men really so bad that this works on them?

The part that bothers me the most is at 1:34 when he starts using his glasses to hit on the bartender. Take the creepy glasses out of the equation: why do companies in 2014 think it’s okay to portray women as sex objects? Was the extended shots of the woman licking her lips really demonstrating the unique benefits of the software? It’s gross.

I don’t know how many women would be excited for the kind of future where a guy they never gave their name to adds them on Facebook and invites them over for some Sauvignon Blanc and casual sex the same day, but I feel like not many. Women all ready have to deal with guys pulling creepy and inappropriate shit in the real world. Garbage like this, booth babes at conferences, and everything else that tells men it’s okay to look at women like a subspecies isn’t helping.

Stuff like should be offensive to women and men. For women, it portrays you not as an individual taking equal part in an exciting future, but as sex objects and exploitation targets. For men the message is clear: if you’re interested in technology it’s because you’re a sex crazed loser who never learned to see women as people, and who can’t get laid without magic glasses.

If you’re a man and this appeals to you: grow the fuck up.

Collin Donnell @collin