The Revival of the Manual Typewriter

I enjoyed this article on Medium about one mans infatuation with manual typewriters.

Using a typewriter has challenged me to think, and write, in an entirely new way. Over time, I’ve learned that the defining trait of a typewriter lies in its sole use as a writing tool and that its most valuable qualities are what it lacks.

Since I grew up in the nineties I’ve never had to use a typewriter as a serious tool. As long as I ever had to turn in a type written report, it was done on a computer. Logically, a typewriter seems antiquated, inefficient, and the idea of only having one copy of something is terrifying.

Something is kind of indefinably cool about them though that makes me maybe want to give it a shot. I sort of feel the same way about record players. There’s got to be a German word for nostalgia over something you never really experienced first hand.

Collin Donnell @collin