A Small Thing for My Dad

I’ve been hearing about Harry’s cartridge razor subscription service for a while on different podcasts, but since I’ve been using a safety razor for about four years now, it didn’t really interest me too much. The other day when I heard an ad though, I thought of how I’d been thinking of getting my dad a fancy-pants safety razor set with brush and everything, but hadn’t because I knew it’d be too fussy for him to use, and so I went to the website, read some reviews online to make sure they were actually good razors, and ordered my dad the “Truman” set in blue with a subscription that will sent him more razors and cream every four months.

For the cost of $93 a year (plus $15 for the initial pack) my dad will never have to think about getting fresh razors or shaving cream again. It’s a small thing, but something I can’t imagine anyone being upset that you did for them.

Collin Donnell @collin