Health Experiment (Day 1)

Yesterday was a good day other than that my knees were still hurting from last week at WWDC, which made running less fun than it could have been. I don’t want to hurt myself, so I’m going to try switching to biking until they feel better. I also made a point after work to get things I could make for lunch so I won’t have to eat downtown as much. That should save make hitting my calorie goals easier (plus save me money – you wouldn’t believe the cost of food in SF).


Weight: 165.6 (-1.9 lb / -1.13%)
Body Fat %: 20.9 (0.0%)

Active Calories: 621
Total Calories: 2485
Calories Consumed: 1470 (1015 Deficit)


Outdoor Run

Active Calories: 210
Total Time: 30:49
Total Distance: 2.03 MI
Avg Heart Rate: 176



10m Headspace (Foundation 2, Day 3)

State of Mind

Morning was okay for focus, but not great. After taking 10m out to meditate focus and productivity both improved and I felt less anxious. Going to try meditating first thing before I start work instead of waiting later in the day.

Collin Donnell @collin