Moving to Managed Wordpress

Until now I’ve been hosting my blog myself using WebFaction, and it’s worked great. That was until a couple of months ago when I received a notification from my host that they’d detected malware in my Wordpress install and my site would remain deactivated until I fixed it. As far as I could tell I was running the latest version of Wordpress with a secure password. I have no idea what happened, although I’m reasonably sure it was my fault somehow. I decided to look for another host.

The things that I wanted were to be able to keep using MarsEdit, to have it be secure, not to have to worry if I got a lot of traffic all of a sudden, and for migration (in, and out) to be painless. The obvious choice was to export my blog to and pay for one of their premium plans.

If I decide to move back to self-hosting in the future, it won’t be any harder than it was before, and I shouldn’t have to worry about security or any of that going forward. I will try to post in the future about how it’s working out and what the tradeoffs have been.

Collin Donnell @collin