Resource for Learning Drafts

After I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how to get started with Drafts, Eli on pointed me to this great MacStories article on Drafts 5 by Tim Nahumck. It’s presented a review, but the article walks you through how to use almost every feature of the app, including advanced stuff like scripting.

I think that the way I’m going to approach Drafts right now is that if all I ever use it for is a place to start writing before I know if I want something to end up in Ulysses, the app, or Day One, that’s useful. As I get more into it, I think opportunities to use things like custom keyboard shortcuts, workspaces, and tagging will become apparent.

The trick to getting into something that has so much potential depth has to be starting off using it in the simplest way possible and expanding from there. Otherwise, it’s just too overwhelming.

Collin Donnell @collin